Danseurs d'esprit

Free Council/Mysterium Legacy

Spirit Primary, Life, Occult

The Spirit Dancers were formed by a Thyrsus mage of the Nameless exploring the practices of what would become Santeria and Vodoun. The French rebel travelled the West Indies and the southern states of America finding and freeing Awakened slaves. He earnt their trust and was introduced to the practices of their religion. The Nameless Mage discovered a truth behind the religion, powerful spirits with courts of lesser spirits and ghosts who guarded and protected their servants. The Thyrsus began working with the spirits, channeling their courts and learning how to become closer to the spirit world itself. He, and other Awakened with him discovered the spirits could grant gifts in exchange for co-operation and service.

Oblations: Drumming, dancing ecstatically, making offering to the Orisha

Members: Mama Camp, Frank Walker

1st Attainment: Rending the Veil Prereq: Gnosis 3; Spirit 2

Entering the Legacy, the iyawo (initiate) is introduced to the ashe, the stuff of reality and power. She meets the Orisha, the five great spirit Kings who guard the line of the Legacy, and undergoes the registro de entrada, a ritual determining which of the Legacy’s ancestors has chosen to act as a spiritual guardian, or his ‘crown’. Surviving the initiation, the iyawo finds himself gifted with the sight and the tongue of the spirits.

This Attainment functions as a combination of Spirit Tongue and Peer Across the Gauntlet. Unless they chose to ignore it, the Spirit Dancer is aware of the surrounding Shadow and may communicate with nearby spirits. The mage may take a reflexive action to concentrate on either level of reality at the loss of the other.

2nd Attainment: Ridden by Voices Prereq: Gnosis 5; Spirit 3 With this Attainment the initiate becomes possessed by a servant of his Crown. What was once a communing with the spirit of the Legacy’s ancestors becomes a shaping of the soul. The Orisha rides him, possessing the body and granting the Mage a blessing in the form of a Numena and granting him the authority of the Orisha to command lesser spirits.

3rd Attainment: Prereq: Gnosis 7; Spirit, Life 3 (optional) Gains a stat. Successes on activation roll also Optional Arcanum: Life 3 The initiate may manifest outward signs of their crown.

Orisha Shango: Wind, Lightning, Oya: Chaos, Lightning, Whirlwinds, Change Yemaja: Protection, Healing, Water

Oguon: Fire, War, Metalwork

Danseurs d'esprit

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